Thursday, March 20, 2014

Delighting in the Day

By Linda Grupp Boutin

I find myself blooming into spring with thoughts of writing and speaking and traveling crowding my thoughts. When did winter fly away, I wonder while I watch a hummingbird quarreling with another? Here in SoCal, it feels like winter never stopped by. Last week temperatures hit 90 degrees and I searched my shorts drawer for cooler clothes to don. Sun drenched on our back patio, my two dogs are shedding warmer winter fur and putting on bright new coats for summer.

Cleaning closets and sorting books on the shelves gives me time and freedom to think while I work. I know I've kept these clothes too long, out of style and no longer fitting properly. They remind me of younger days when I dressed in layers for the vagaries of San Diego weather. Books, oh yes books, they have taken me places all my life. My fingers run over the dusty copies of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Austin and Ingalls. Here is one by Bill Moyers, this one explores the Vietnam War. Old clothes, old books, way too much dust, suddenly I sneeze.

Last night in the Aspiring Writers' Forum we discussed writer's block learning about how to overcome the yawning abyss of a blank white page. Stark and empty, this author advised us to write a letter to our mother. After all, you can pour out your heart to your mom and in the process tell her all about your troubles writing, how you don't fit your chosen career, frustrations and traumas; she will doubtless make it all better. And by the way, share with her the details of what you must write about and in the process share your story. Then delete the Dear Mom, the whining and doubts, and in the end you will discover what you were trying to write.

My coleader Coleene (left) and myself at the Aspiring Writers' Forum

I didn't do that, but in rummaging through my past, I discovered that I finally am content in my today. Though I no longer spend days on end reading books, still I love everything about story. Now I find my delight in one of my fellow writers reaching a goal. This week it was a friend finally launching a blog. I beam when one of the speakers I have worked with stands before our church's women and shares the story of her life and walk with the Lord. It gives me purpose to encourage and cajole, plead and prod, nurture and demand. I feel like I have been preparing for a lifetime to be just right where I am right now.

So tonight I am simply thankful. Grateful for a sunshiny day, for the love I feel, for the provision allowing me to pursue my passions. That contentment in the day is something I have pursued a lifetime and to finally find it brings pleasure that is hard to express. My life is not perfect, but now I spend my life immersed in story and loving being just where I am. Thank you Lord for this very day!